Norwich salmon that is fish, dill, slat and pepper!

September 10th, 2007

In theory salmon made in this way is served as a snack; however, it’s also perfect as a main course to be eaten over many hours accompanied by wine and various sauces. It gives a great feeling of fullness without overeating; it’s healthy, tasty, looks beautiful, so as a matter of fact we don’t need anything else to be happy. This kind of salmon is undoubtedly the main attraction of the party if only allowed. It’s been always very popular with the guests, never actually rejected.

This salmon gonna be prepared a day before, so that’s the only difficulty, as we won’t be able to serve it to unexpected guests. On the other hand, as this website presents ONLY party recipes to be prepared in advance so that one could enjoy the company of friends at the party rather than spend the party in the kitchen, this salmon fits perfectly the website.

Ideally you need a salmon over 8 pounds weight. I buy a whole fish and fillet it into two large, beautiful fillets with the skin. I leave the spine and head for a fish soup. If you are in good relation with the fishmonger’s salesman, you may buy a fillet with the skin, as long as you are sure it’s fresh. The fillet weighs up to 3 pounds. If you prepare this salmon just for yourself, a pound of salmon will be ample.









































* 450 gram salt

* 300 gram salt

* 3-4 bunches dill (you really need a lot of dill -  the bunches should be so big to fit your hand just about - the amount of chopped dill should be at least twice as big as a size of dry ingredients)

* Allspice (45 berries), black peppercorns (45), juniper (45 berries) giving it wonderful aroma of resin.

* Grind all the berries carefully to let the aroma release; add salt so that the flavor doesn’t disappear.

Off we go! When you already have a beautiful piece of salmon fillet weighing approximately 3 pounds, you gotta prepare a marinate, which is a sprinkle actually.

Mix all the ingredients together. The salmon will be put into a deep dish. Pop half of the sprinkle on the bottom of the dish then place the salmon skin downwards and then cover the fish fillet with the rest of the sprinkle.  The dish I mentioned must be large enough for the salmon to lie flat and wasn’t rolled up and tight enough for the sprinkle to cover it nicely. Cover tightly with foil and refrigerate, it gotta stay in marinate for 24-50 hours. After taking the fish out of the fridge you will see that there is no more water at all and only a small amount of dried marinate was left. When the fish is much harder remove it from the dish, pat dry and scrap off the spices.  Try not to soak it, so it must be done with no water. Now, slice the fish finely, and arrange large amounts of it on the plates. A piece weighing 3 pounds should be enough for 6 people as a dinner.

Serve the salmon with slices of fresh bread, ideally white, cottage or brown - arranged loosely in wicker baskets. Along with the salmon serve few lemons cut into eights and at least 3 sauces, the recipes for which I will give as well.

Marinated leeks-with strong garlic flavor - yummy!

September 6th, 2007

For many years leek was no more than a broth ingredient to me or, in a pinch, a dinner side salad when combined with apple. And all of a sudden thanks to my friend I rediscovered it anew. The recipe has been modified by me as my friend is a kind of person who keeps the secrets of his cuisine and didn’t want to share the recipe for good. Which didn’t turn me off, nay! in fact motivated to make the leeks even tastier than he did. As you see, trill and emotions of the competition are necessary even in the kitchen. Marinated leeks are good for whoever likes Italian cuisine, the taste and flavor of garlic, as well as an original side dish or a dinner dish. These leeks taste excellent combined with many types of lettuce as well as in cold salads. I usually serve it as a dinner or supper side dish as it’s convenient , to be prepared in advance as it should be and strong in taste – a leek of the leeks. Although my recipe contains garlic but it might be replaced by other spices; yet its garlic that gives the dish an exceptional taste.

* fresh, full leeks

* 2 pints milk

* garlic

* vinegar

* oil

* herbs

Cut the leeks across into 4 inch pieces. Soak in milk for few hours to get rid of the sharpness and the smell of sulphur. Usually after two hours the milk will go off, yet it’s not an issue. Take out the leeks, rinse them off under cold water and leave in the pot for about 15 minutes. Pre-boil the veggie in salted water. The leeks don’t have to be soaked but then they must be boiled slightly longer on a low heat. Drain the leeks and leave to cool. The boiling time depends on how thick the leeks are; the thicker the longer they are to be boiled. Leave the leeks to cool and then, if necessary, cut them along so that they are thinner. And this is the best moment. We make a marinate of oil and seasoning. I use garlic, plum vinegar (which may be replaced by balsamic or rice vinegars if we don’t want the leeks go reddish), pepper, salt, crushed garlic and as preferred herbs de Provence. Pour the leeks with the marinate and leave alone for 24 h. Then just tuck it quickly into. Sometimes I make much bigger portion, cause I put whatever is left, if any, into a container or a square jar, cover them all with oil and refrigerate. They store well even for few months. They are a perfect side dish or a light supper with some wine, crispy roll and good company.

Additional info: I use a plum vinegar with a strong purple color which is waste left after candying the plums - of course I give this recipe as well.

Arugula with Parmesan cheese and dried out tomatoes!

September 3rd, 2007

Maybe even better than with the Parmesan only, probably because I’m a fan of dried tomatoes. They got an aroma of the sun, fresh but strong in taste, sweet and sour and when they absorb the flavor of the garlic and spices added to the oil it’s a real treat.

* arugula

* flakes of Parmesan cheese

* dried tomatoes

* balsamic vinegar

* oil

Prepare the arugula, rinse it, dry and place in a bowl. Grate thin flakes of Parmesan Cheese with a veggie or cheese grater. Get out few dried tomatoes, cut into small pieces, add to the salad and stir, pour some oil from the jar of tomatoes.  This oil will give the salad extra strong taste and more noticeable dried tomatoes flavor.

A Salmon Bake i.e. Extra Lax at family dinner and not only this

August 30th, 2007

Oh, Lax, this is that. It’s perfect for a dinner in the family circle. However, not only this, it’ll also be great when meeting friends as what else you need if it looks good, smells smashing, and it tastes even better. It takes a little time to make it, but it’s worth it as the results are great.






















* a packet of smoked salmon, cut into slices

* a small bunch of dill

* two pounds potatoes

* 3-4 eggs

* 1.06 pints homogeneous cream (best is 18%)

* salt

* freshly ground pepper

Peel the potatoes, pre-boil them for few minutes in salted water.  When they get softer but still aren’t done get them out of water and leave to rest for a minute. Then cut into slices. Mix 3 eggs, cream, and salt’n’pepper. Open the packet of salmon, chop the dill finely. In a baking tin, ideally square or rectangular, arrange the products into layers.  Cover the bottom of the tin with potatoes tightly, then, put the slices of salmon on top of the potato layer and sprinkle with a lot of dill. Next, put the potatoes, salmon and dill, finishing with a layer of potatoes only. Leave about an inch from the top of the dish as the lax will rise thanks to the sauce. Pour the cream mixed with the eggs on top of the dish. Don’t stir as the sauce will find it’s way anyway. Put the lax into the oven at 320 F (160 C) and bake on the bottom shelf for roughly 1.5 h. The bake should rise and the crust should be full but browned a little. Such lax is ready to serve. You may cover it with an aluminum foil and heat it up shortly before the expected guests come. Serve cut into pieces with green salad and light dressing.

Puff pastry with sweet onion - beautiful and awfully delectable!

August 27th, 2007

Oh, I start by saying that I wholeheartedly recommend easy, nice, and pleasant dishes, delectable at the same time, and what’s more we may prepare them the day before. I don’t make French pastry on my own, tried few times and although I lost all my strength, the results weren’t good enough to give up ready-made pastry which may be bought in supermarkets and delis. So there is really no need to get you drained, just off we go to the store. It’s worth buying some red onions as this is the key ingredient of the dish. The onion’s gotta be prepared earlier but will talk about it in a minute.

* a sheet puff pastry

* 2-3 red onions

* 2 spoonfuls balsamic rice or plum vinegar

* 1 spoonful of brown sugar

* 1 egg

* 1 spoonful oil

* a pinch of salt

* two cloves of garlic, crushed

* thyme leaves

We peel the onions, cut into eights at least, put into a bowl. Add the vinegar, season with thyme, garlic, sugar and salt. Stir the onion occasionally; however, leave it to marinate for at least 30 minutes. In this way it’ll lose its sharpness and absorb the sweetness and flavor of the additives.

Just cut circles out of the ready made puff pastry, ideally using a cutter but if you don’t have one it may be easily done with a glass as well.  Brush the circles with a stirred egg. Pierce finely with a fork the middle of the circle where the onion will be placed so that the pastry didn’t rise too much. Place the onion in the middle of the pastry so that the edges aren’t covered.  Put in the hot oven at 392 F (200 C) for 15 minutes. Keep an eye on the timing, as sometimes the pastry rises quicker sometimes slower, depending on the pastry and the oven:) Place the ‘little onion rolls’ on the plate, here they can patiently wait for the guests, provided they are not eaten by the household before the guests come.